How is your X2 HMI's and BoX2's today?

Do you know the health and performance of your X2 HMIs and BoX2 devices?

Is a device online just now? Has it rebooted repeatedly? Is the CODESYS application running? With the new features in acirro+ you will be able to monitor and analyze this and much more to:

  • Cut maintenance costs
  • Troubleshoot with full overview of your hardware
  • Save time and travel onsite with remote monitoring


Try it out now for free!

If you are the owner of an X2 or BoX2 device, you now have the opportunity to try out acirro+ new health and diagnostics features for free!

  • 1 year subscription 100% free, no hidden costs!
  • It is up to you if you want to renew the subscription
  • Free and unlimited subscription for UNITED partner program members, no expiration date!

The offer only applies to customers that not already have a device info health & diagnostics license package. The offer applies to an annual subscription. Subscription will continue to run if not actively cancelled. The offer does not include the acirro+ device process data licenses. The campaign runs until end of December 2022