BCS Tools

The all-in-one development platform for control and PLC programming

BCS Tools is the CODESYS-based software platform for IEC 61131-3 compliant project engineering of all controllers and PLCs in our product range. Based on market leading CODESYS 3.5 software, the development platform combines classic programming of controller applications with the capabilities of professional software development for automation devices in the environment of IIOT and Industry 4.0.

BCS Tools in short:

  • Development, debugging, configuration, simulation and commissioning in one software.
  • Based on CODESYS 3.5  IEC 61131-3 programming with all editors (FBD, LD, IL, ST, SFC, CFC).
  • Available in four versions - Lite, Basic, Professional and Advanced.

BCS Tools includes numerous user-friendly functions for the programming and configuration of automation projects and contains fully integrated back-end functions, such as compilers, debuggers and variable trace. Using BCS Tools, an application can be developed, tested and commissioned without any additional tools.

One software. Endless possibilities.


Why choose BCS Tools?

Configure different fieldbus and real-time Ethernet​ systems​ from the same software.

Create modern visualization screens for operating​ modular units, complete machines, plants and​ systems.

Connect industrial controllers to an existing infrastructure of PLCs, DCS, servers or​ cloud systems.

Administer the entire control landscape from a secure cloud-based automation server platform.

Supporting the entire process

The all-in-one tool supports the entire process. All the way from engineering through commissioning to maintenance.

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The BCS Tools versions

You will find BCS Tools here in SmartStore. Based on the license entered during the installation, BCS Tools will run in one of four license levels. Without entering a license key during installation, BCS Tools will run in Lite mode.
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Automation server

BCS Tools featuring the CODESYS automation server is the Industry 4.0 platform for professional automation. The automation server uses conventional web technologies to simplify typical tasks of automation engineers that are very difficult to solve.


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Customer cases

Yara Marine Technologies is one of the largest suppliers of exhaust gas cleaning systems in the world

Around the globe authorities are addressing the negative effects from SOx emissions disrupting the world’s eco systems and affecting human health. With increasingly strict regulations, ship owners can become compliant with the legislation by installing an exhaust gas cleaning system such as a SOx scrubber onboard.


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Open building solution to control Skanskas headquarter

With a long experience within building automation, AutomationsGruppen AB standardizes new building automation projects on an open and modern hardware and software platform. The modular PLC Nexto and Codesys based software BCS Tools from Beijer Electronics AB, provides the performance and scalability needed.


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Complete automation solution modernizes Swedish dairy

System integrator Etec wanted to base their solution for Källsjö Mejeri on a modern and open platform. The modular PLC Nexto and BCS Tools, the CODESYS based software, provided the performance and scalability needed for future expansions.


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Briniging out the best in wooden floors at Bona

Swedish company Bona decided to use Beijer Electronics control solution after redesigning and upgrading critical processes in their production. Decision was based on user benefits linked to our technology, boosted by superior support.


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A unified software platform to bring all your hardware together

Machines and production lines are often large and complex, with multiple automation components. It can be difficult to find control and PLC programming software that support all the diverse hardware and functions. In this paper, we will look at:

  • Why a unified software platform is relevant
  • Why Beijer Electronics believes BCS tools is needed in a global setting
  • How BCS Tools can support customer creativity and innovative development


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One software. Free choice of hardware.

Automation solutions overview

How everything fits perfectly together

In this overview you will find the different control systems, their related products, the available communication protocols and which segments the control systems fit well in to.


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