BoX2 pro motion

A fully flexible and complete servo solution

BoX2 pro motion

BoX2 pro motion is a dedicated CODESYS based motion controller with an EtherCAT fieldbus. It is a generic solution that can handle most servo motion applications up to 16 axis with a cycle time down to 1 ms. Applications covering speed control, position control, torque control, synchronization and interpolation.The CODESYS SoftMotion license provides access to the distributed clock (DC) allowing full synchronization of two or more axis. In addition advanced users can take advantage of the included CNC and robot license that offers functionality such as circular interpolation and axis groups.


Complete and flexible

A fully flexible solution that handles the majority of servo applications and combines well with our broad range of servo products, as well as all kinds of EtherCAT based products.

Easy to adapt

No specialist knowledge is required. Take advantage of our pre-made templates and code with all the basic functionality included, and create complex servo applications.


CODESYS based and supporting all IEC programming languages which enables you to create any type of positioning solution.


Competitive performance, competitive pricing and no additional costs for programming software licenses.

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Using BoX2 pro motion in your application enables you to create the exact solution needed to match your task. BoX2 pro motion is a dedicated CODESYS based motion controller with an EtherCAT fieldbus. No specialist knowledge is required.


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Speed control

Speed control

Speed control is recommended when a specific speed profile is required and the position is irrelevant. This control mode can also limit the torque. The speed control mode covers typical applications such as bottle filling especially with difficult liquids to reduce foam, high precision pumps, plastic mold injectors, etc.

Position control

The most commonly used method where the servo is controlled to reach a specified position. Position control mode can also limit both speed and torque. The position control mode covers typical applications such as pick-and-place (horizontal or vertical), indexing machines, etc.

Synchronization and interpolation

This mode can be used when there is a need to move two or more axis in a synchronized motion, all servo motors can be synchronized or interpolated. Synchronization and interpolation mode covers typical applications such as parallel gantry, flying cut or XY-tables, XYZ-packaging or palletizing, welding applications with linear or circular interpolation, etc.

Torque control

Torque control is used to apply a specific tension, or to push, or keep something in a fixed a position. Normally a speed limit is set to prevent motor rush at no load. Torque control mode covers typical applications such as winding applications with fragile materials, assembly machines, capping of threaded bottles, etc.

The BoX2 pro motion solution

BoX2 pro motion and X2 operator panels makes a powerful combination and fits perfect with our servo drives, motors and other automation equipment.

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You will find our Nexto modular PLCs, Nexto Xpress compact controllers, X2 pro motion servo controllers and our BoX2 edge controllers in the EPLAN library – readily available for your projects.

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BoX2 pro motion - High-performance CODESYS motion controller

BoX2 pro motion is a high-performance CODESYS motion controller featuring EtherCAT communication, distributed clock, CODESYS CNC-license for circular interpolation, axis groups, etc.


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