Beijer Electronics nominated as Finalist for Malmö City Business Award - Malmö Company of the Year


Beijer Electronics has emerged as one of the top three finalists for the Malmö City Business Award – Malmö Company of the Year. This prestigious award is conferred by the City of Malmö on individuals or companies who have distinguished themselves through exemplary business practices, serving as a beacon for the local business community.

This year, there are more than 300 nominees in the 2024 Malmö City Business Award, covering a variety of categories. All nominees are evaluated based on a number of factors, such as profitability, industry growth, diversity, social responsibility, environmental impact, equality, and sustainability. The award winners are selected by a jury that consists of representatives from the city of Malmö, the business world, associations and organizations that operate in Malmö or other people who are in some way connected to the award category.

In the meticulous process of determining finalists and winners, the jury groups work methodically. The journey commences with the submission of official nominations through the dedicated website, followed by a comprehensive evaluation to ensure nominees align with the specific criteria of their respective award categories. This diligent assessment involves various checks and considerations. Upon successful completion of this stage, the jury proceeds to select three finalists in each category.

The highly anticipated moment unfolds at the esteemed Malmö Business Gala, where the winners are announced in each category.
The Malmö Business Gala, scheduled to take place at the end of February, where will be unveiled the winner of the Malmö City Business Award – Malmö Company of the Year. We at Beijer Electronics are grateful for the recognition and eagerly await the results while remaining committed to our values of innovation, sustainability, and responsible business practices!


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