Beijer Electronics launches WARP 1.10 – improving workflow


Beijer Electronics is proud to present WARP Engineering Studio 1.10 offering improved workflow, support for new hard- and software as well as general improvements and bug fixes.

The focus for WARP Engineering Studio 1.10 has been to improve workflow to further simplify engineering and add support for new hardware and the latest software. At the same time, our software team has added several minor general improvements to enhance the user experience and upgraded overall product quality.

This is what's new in WARP 1.10:

  • Improved workflow by features such as editing during generate, zoom with mouse scroll, select multiple objects, improved drawing objects, copy and paste device objects, etc.
  • Support of new hardware devices as X2 control and X2 motion HMIs, iX PC runtime device, simplified port configuration with easy access to the serial and Ethernet port configuration of X2 control / motion, improved dialog for BFI inverters.
  • Upgraded Crevis IO support with upgraded power consumption calculations, special modules without parameter setting in the property grid, IO slice number shown directly for actual module when moved to new position, etc.
  • Support of latest software iX Developer 2.30, CODESYS 3.5 SP10 Patch 1, BCS Tools 3.02. In addition, WARP now offers a better overview of installed device and software packages by separate sections.
  • Restore points improvements enabling users to add manual restore point triggers with own naming and comment text.

Click here and more about WARP Engineering Studio.

Click here to download WARP 1.10 and try the software.