New CODESYS device handling for X2 HMIs and BoX2 edge controllers


With the introduction of the 2.0 image release for X2 control/BoX2 pro SC (b775) and X2 extreme/BoX2 extreme (b367), the device handling of CODESYS is changed (CODESYS runtime

Every X2 and BoX2 model is now a unique device with a unique image file. This means that an existing CODESYS project with an older device description file, must be updated to the newer file for the specific device.

Follow this link to CODESYS installer

More details of this can be found in the “Recommendations and Limitations” document here.

Please note! At delivery the device is preconfigured with power fail mode and EtherCAT without distributed clock support. To change the configuration, the CODESYS runtime needs to be reinstalled with the required settings.